Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are ya feeling "GREAT" yet?

It's been a month since my last surgery. I am struggling a bit with hydration and frequency. I am a bit miserable because I don't feel "GREAT" yet. I guess I expected to feel much better by now, but sadly I don't. I am stuck in the bathroom a lot, "adjustment period" the doctors say, but my butt hurts. I am managing to get around well. Doing everyday tasks is much easier since they closed up my belly incision. I am able to lift heavier things now. Before to carry a gallon of milk was a struggle, now my 35 pound niece is a relatively easy lift. I am good for "quick" lifting, like a boost into a car seat or a couple of bags of groceries, but no stamina. I can pick it up, but can't hold it for long.
Mike has been working looong hours s
o I am left to myself often. Mia and Talon have been keeping me occupied so that's a benefit of being home. Mia is incredibly understanding of my limitations and is ready with a laugh when I need it.
I am waiting for a break in this adjustment period so my bathroom trips can be more predictable and I can get out more. Me, Talon, Mia, and Jordan went to the beach last week for some sun and sand. That was a nice day. It was 80 degrees and sunny. A beautiful afternoon well spent in the outdoors at the Jersey Shore. I'm sure when Chloe reads this, she'll smirk a bit because it is still nearly winter in the Czech Republic compared to here, but she'll be home soon to enjoy the summer.

Me and Jordan in Ocean City.